Download Photo Mosaic as PDF

Download photo mosaic as PDF-file

Create and download your photo mosaic as PDF printfile in different dimensions. Just upload your photos and we create a preview for free. Only if you are happy with the result, you buy the photo mosaic. Even, if the photo mosaic download is availiable in the following standard sizes, we are able to individualize the dimensions. Just drop a comment, when you upload the pictures.

20x15″ | $65
24x16″ | $75
32x24″ | $85
40x30″ | $95
48x36″ | $105



How to download photo mosaics

Create and download your photo mosaic in print ready quality! First, the resolution is optimized to 300 pixels per inch (ppi). Therefore, the digital file can be easily printed. Furthermore, you can use the PDF photo mosaic download for a presentation with a beamer. You can also use it as a background for you own invitation cards or flyers. The dimensions of the file depend on the product size originally ordered. After payment is received, your photo mosaic will be delivered via email as a digital file.

Tips for printing the downloaded photo mosaic

We recommend using the downloaded photo mosaic in presentations or videos, as desktop wallpaper and in all digital applications you can think of. In case you want to print your photo mosaic download on your own, we cannot guarantee that the individual images and the whole photo mosaic will look awesome. Let us explain this.

Next to the photo mosaic creation, the way of printing and the material have a tremendous impact on the photo mosaic print. Especially when printing on canvas, the surface texture blurs the individual images. Overall, there are many different materials, and only very special fabric structures are suitable for photo mosaics. Even, if you print the downloaded photo mosaic file on the high quality material we use, e.g. Alu-DiBond, Forex and Acrylic Glass, the results may not be optimal. So, make sure that you print your photo mosaic download with a high quality printer on a smooth surface.

That is the reason why, we specialize in photo mosaic production! This means that we use high-quality materials combined with special printing techniques to ensure the best results. There are many things during the production process that you have to keep in mind. For example, most (professional) printers are only suitable for pictures that you look at from a certain distance. But, photo mosaics are usually viewed from a very close distance to investigate the small photos. So a special printing process is necessary to make the details of the small photos looking great.

In sum, if you are unsure about being able to print the photo mosaic yourself: We recommend to use our service. If you need both, the digital downloaded file and the high quality print: Just drop a comment when creating your preview.