Your personal PHOTO MOSAIC

Your personal Photo Mosaic!


Handmade in USA

All photo mosaics are produced in Seattle. We use high-quality and selected materials. Thanks to our special printing technique, we achieve the highest print quality for your photo mosaic, so the individual pictures can be recognized easily later on. Before shipping, every photo mosaic is inspected by our team. If something were to ever go wrong, our service department will help you. We always find a solution.

Free Preview

First, our team always prepares a free photo mosaic preview. In this preview, we already make sure to create the best result from your pictures. Afterwards, you are welcome to submit your change requests, if you would like us to make further adjustments to your photo mosaic. If you do not like the free preview, your pictures are automatically deleted and there are no costs.

Fast Turn Times

If you need a photo mosaic quickly, it’s no problem. You’ll get the PDF print-file directly after your order, and you can use it as a preliminary gift. In most cases, however, we can arrange to speed up the production time of your mosaic. We always do our best to provide a quick and professional production process.

Photo Mosaic in three easy steps!

1. Upload picture

2. See free preview

3. Order photo mosaic

What is a Photo Mosaic?

A photo mosaic is a mosaic consisting of many small photos. Viewed from a distance, the small photos merge into one big overall picture. At Mosapics, you can create a mosaic picture from your own photos! A mosaic can be created from a selection of pictures ranging from 50 to several thousand individual images. The larger the selection, the better the representation of the main image design.

Photo Mosaic Products

Acrylic (1/8” or 1/4”)

Information about the photo mosaics!

“Photo mosaic”, “mosaic image” or “image of images” have all been terms commonly used to describe it, but it’s always the same product. A photo mosaic consists of individual images compiled in such a way that a desired main image is produced, hence it’s often referred to as an image of images. From a distance, the individual pictures are fused into a main mosaic image. When looking at it close-up, one can see their personal photos. So, you can see all your favorite images at with a simple glance. Photo mosaics are suitable for a variety of occasions, for example:

Through the nature of mosaic pictures, you get a very emotional and personal gift that comes from the heart. Mosapics realizes your ideas so you get an unforgettable photo mosaic. In doing so, we focus on individual processing and consulting. We’ll rework your free preview until you are 100% satisfied. Nevertheless, should you decide you don’t like it, you are of course under no obligation to buy. So you don’t incur any costs during the preview steps.

  • Photo mosaic for wedding
  • Photo mosaic for birthday
  • Photo mosaic for your partner
  • Photo mosaic in best print quality
  • Individual adaptation to the perfect result
  • Individual tile size of 0.4” – 0.8”
  • Persenol Services and tips on your photo mosaic

For the mosaic optic we can use the following 4 options:

Tiles with square Images

Tiles with portrait & landscape images

Tiles with landscape images

Tiles with portrait images


Handcraft preview

We handle each free preview personally and can align your individual images perfectly. We always consider how many individual images were sent in portrait and landscape format. Then we create the best composition of your individual images so that important areas of your individual images are not cut off.

Optimized tile pictures

Should something important be cut off, this is no problem at all. Just send us the filename of the picture and we will rework your individual pictures.

True Photo Mosaics with Mosapics

With Mosapics, the individual pictures are arranged to fit into your main picture so that they become distinct when you stand right in front of the photo mosaic.

Fake mosaic pictures are usually a collage of images that has been transparently laid over the main picture. As a result, the individual pictures are barely discernible.

    • Fake photo mosaic
    • The main picture shows through
    • Individual pictures are hard to make out
    • Authentic photo mosaic
    • Main picture is recreated by the individual pictures
    • Individual pictures are easy to see

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