Your personal PHOTO MOSAIC

Your personal Photo Mosaic!


Handmade in USA

Make your photo mosaic out of many small pictures. First, you use our photo mosaic maker. Afterwards, we optimze the result manually. Finally, you get the best photo mosaic. Thus, MosaPics helps you to make a breathtaking photo mosaic and prints it on durable materials.

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At MosaPics, we want you to have a breathtakingly beautiful the easy way. Hence, the only thing you need are your pictures. Afterwards, we do the work.

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Create a photo mosaic: Breathtakingly beautiful

Create a photo mosaic with our individual photo mosaic maker. Just upload your pictures and get a durable and breathtaking photo mosaic the easy way.

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Make your Photo Mosaic in three easy steps!

Create your own picture out of pictures, where lots of small photos make one big picture. Use our advanced photo mosaic maker to make the best photo mosaic. Easy photo mosaic made with MosaPics.

1. Upload picture

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Make your photo mosaic: Example a wedding couple

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What is a Photo Mosaic?

A photo mosaic is a mosaic consisting of many small photos. Viewed from a distance, the small photos merge into one big overall picture. At Mosapics, you can create a mosaic picture from your own photos! A mosaic can be created from a selection of pictures ranging from 50 to several thousand individual images. The larger the selection, the better the representation of the main image design.

Make your Photo Mosaic and we print it ready to hang!

PDF – Printfile

Make your photo mosaic and download a pdf


Make your photo mosaic and print in on gatorfoam

True Photo Mosaics with Mosapics

With Mosapics, the individual pictures are arranged to fit into your main picture so that they become distinct when you stand right in front of the photo mosaic.

Fake mosaic pictures are usually a collage of images that has been transparently laid over the main picture. As a result, the individual pictures are barely discernible.

Result of fake photo mosaic maker
    • Fake photo mosaic
    • The main picture shows through
    • Individual pictures are hard to make out
Result of best photo mosaic maker
    • Authentic photo mosaic
    • Main picture is recreated by the individual pictures
    • Individual pictures are easy to see

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