Frequently asked questions about Fotomosaik

How many pictures do I need?
Optimal are more than 50 single pictures, regardless of the product size. About 1500 – 2500 pictures usually fit into a mosaic. So the possibilities range from a single picture to several thousands! The more pictures you upload, the less pictures are duplicated repetitions within your photo mosaic and the more clearly the main picture can be displayed.

Is there anything to pay attention to in the main image? Can it also be a logo?
For a beautiful photo mosaic we recommend a main image with many different colours and few details. Nevertheless, there is hardly any picture of which we cannot make a beautiful photo mosaic! So, the main picture can be a logo. The image can also be relatively small for the photo mosaic. If there should be any difficulties, we will recommend a solution.

Do you also offer mosaics on postcards or as puzzle?
Theoretically it is possible to create mosaics in smaller formats. However, then the individual pictures would be hardly recognizable. Since we want to offer our customers only high quality products, we do not offer mosaic postcards and puzzles.

Do the colors of the individual images have to match the colors of the main image?
Different colors are no problem. If the colors do not match, we change the colors of the tile images to keep the main image in it’s true color.

How large are the individual images?
We adjust the size of the images according to the image format, number of images and the type of main image. The edge-length usually varies between .35 – .80inch.

Do all uploaded single images appear in my photo mosaic?
Yes, each image appears at least once in your photo mosaic. Except, more single pictures were uploaded than fit into the photo mosaic. However, if certain images in the main image are disturbing, we may remove them. In this case, we give you a feedback.

Is it possible that the display direction of the single images changes?
In order to have as many single images as possible available for the creation of your mosaic, we use not only the originals but also their respective mirror images. This can lead to unwanted effects – especially if single images contain text elements. If you do not agree with the standard mirroring of single images in your mosaic, please let us know when sending us your preview request.

Can I also only have the image file of the photo mosaic?
You are welcome to buy only a digital file in PDF format. You can also order the PDF version of your mosaic with each product as an accessory.

How does the order process work?

First click on „Free preview“, upload main picture & single pictures and specify if your photo mosaic should be printed on poster, aluminium or acrylic glass.
We create your personal photo mosaic as soon as possible! Within one working day you will receive a preview of your photo mosaic by e-mail, which we will gladly optimize according to your wishes. This is all free of charge and without obligation.
Your photo mosaic is just the way you want it? After receipt of payment your mosaic will be sent to you immediately with a tracking number!

Is the preview really free?
Yes, preview requests as well as change requests do not cost anything and do not obligate you to purchase.

What is the maximum number of images that can be uploaded?
The upper limit is about 10.000 pictures per request

How large may the pictures be?
The maximum size of an image is 50Mb.

Can I upload scanned images?
Sure, if they are uploaded as jpg! When scanning, however, the area around the image is also scanned. Therefore we recommend to remove this area with an image editing program before uploading

How long does it take to upload the pictures?
With an average internet connection, uploading takes about 1 second per image thanks to image compression.

I can’t upload my pictures, what now?
Please check if you have installed an advertising or javascript blocker and deactivate it on our site. If that doesn’t help, try to upload the pictures on another computer. If necessary, you can also send us the pictures on a data medium by mail. However, data carriers will not be sent back, but destroyed.

Please enter your name, e-mail address, delivery address, desired image size and product request and mark which of the images should become the main image. Please write us an additional e-mail so that we know in advance!

I have not received an order confirmation!
After you have completed your preview request, a confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically. If it does not arrive within an hour, you may have mistyped your e-mail address. Or the e-mail has landed in the folder for unwanted advertising. Please just contact us and we will clarify this!

Can I upload additional images for an order?
Please upload all images for one order together. So if you have an existing order, a new request should be made.

How do I pay?
You may pay via PayPal or credit card.

How long is the production time?

Production time is usually 5-6 business days, except for posters which only take 3-5 business days. If you need it earlier, you can select faster production as an option when placing your order. Starting at a price of $40, and your photo mosaic will be shipped within 2 business days.

How fast is the delivery?

You can find the delivery times on the map. Please note that delivery times can vary depending on weather conditions.

What are shipping costs?

Standard shipping costs 5% of the product price, though with a $10 minimum.

Do you offer express shipping?

We also offer three express-shipping options: 3-day, 2-day, or standard overnight. Based on your address,  the size of the product and the delivery date, prices vary. So the price will be calculated when you order the photo mosaic.

There are two different ways to create a photo mosaic. With freeware programs or other manufacturers, only a photo collage is created and the main image is laid over it trasparently. We have developed a mosaic software which works with many different parameters and positions the single images in a way that they are inserted at the right place of the main image. This way we achieve much clearer single images and it is a real photo mosaic where the main image is created from the single images.

During the creation of the free preview all our mosaics are edited and optimized by hand. Furthermore we give you individual tips for your mosaic and revise your change requests also free of charge. A friendly and personal customer contact is very important to us.

Furthermore there is a lot to consider during the production, especially. Through our many years of experience we have been able to optimize a lot, so that we can produce the best possible print quality for all products. But also our other products are all produced in fineart print. Unlike other manufacturers, there are no small pixel dots in the individual images.

What happens to my uploaded photos?
The pictures are only used to create the photo mosaic and will be deleted 3 months after receipt of payment. Please note that after this period no reordering is possible! All data will be protected until then and nothing will be passed on, copied, released, published or done similar. If no order is placed, all data will also be deleted after 3 months. If an early deletion of the data is desired, we are available at

Who can see my pictures?
Your order is processed by us personally and is therefore visible to the MosaPics-team. However, the individual pictures are automatically reduced, compressed and reformatted when uploaded, so that we only receive your pictures in small format.
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