Create Your Photo Mosaic

Create your personal photo mosaic as gift

What is a photo mosaic?

Picture mosaic”, “image of images”, or “picture out of pictures” are all terms used to describe it. For simplicity, we call it photo mosaic. A photo mosaic consists of many individual pictures that viewed from a distance merge into a main picture. The cool thing is: When look at it from close range, you can see the small individual photos. So, it consists of a lot of pictures within a picture. In sum, a photo mosaic is a special photo collage with the bonus to be able to see a picture when you look at it from some distance.

Photo mosaics are suitable for a variety of occasions, for example:

  • A wedding gift
  • As birthday present
  • As a special gift for your loved ones
  • and many more

The individual pictures and the different impressions that a photo mosaic has from a distance and up close give you a very emotional and personal gift. MosaPics realizes your ideas, so you get an unforgettable photo mosaic that comes from the heart. Doing so, we focus on individual production and consulting. After you created your photo mosaic, we are going to work on that free preview until you are a 100% satisfied. Once you are satisfied with your free preview, we print your photo mosaic as poster or on our special and durable materials.

  • MosaPics creates real photo mosaics and no fakes
  • We print your photo mosaic with highest quality
  • Before printing it, we provide you personal service and tips to improve the photo mosaic.
  • MosaPics has high quality alternatives to canvas and picture frames
Photo mosaic from the statue of liberty


Just try it!

Create your own photo mosaic

It’s easy and free!



Handcrafted Preview

To align your individual images perfectly, we handle each free preview personally. During creation, we consider how many photos you provided in portrait and landscape format. Out of these, we create the best composition of your individual images without cutting important areas of your photos.


No croppping of photos

To fit all pictures into the photo mosaic, we sometimes crop some photos. At the same time, we guarantee that no important areas of the photos are cut of. Because we use the small photos several times, a cropped photo will be the exception. Rather, you are going to find the photo much more often uncropped. In the absolutely rare case that something important is cut off, just tell us and we will rework your individual pictures.

To create the mosaic, we use the following four options

Squared images only

Photo mosaic with squared images

Photo mosaic with landscape images

Photo mosaic with landscape images

A mix of portrait and landscape images

Photo mosaic with portrait and landscape images

Only portrait images

Photo mosaic with portrait images
Photo mosaic of a dog

Breathtaking photo mosaics!

A gift filled with love and enthusiasm. At least, that is what your customers of tell us. Our customers are delighted when they receive their photo mosaic, because they had been looking for a gift like this for a long time. Indeed, with a mosaic, you have the opportunity to present a lot of different memories combined in one picture.

Individual picture sizes!

Just upload your photos and we optimize their size to fit the format and main image. Everytime, we start and create a free preview of the pictures you upload. If you do not like our recommendation for the individual picture sizes, we are happy to shrink or enlarge the individual pictures as you like. At the same time, we always ensure that the individual pictures remain recognizable.

How long does it take to create a photo mosaic?

Because we ensure highest quality, our team investigates each free preview manually. Therefore, the production of the free preview takes some time. Depending on the daytime and our workload, the free preview may reach you within an hour or takes up to twelve hours. Everytime, we do our best to be as fast as possible. If you are satisfied with the free preview,

you have two days to place your order. For prints, we have some production and delivery time that depends on your location and product of choice. In case you need the photo mosaic as fast as possible, just send us a comment and we figure out how to start a priority production.

Print your photo mosaic

Our production is designed and optimized to print photo mosaics. Thus, we exclusively use processes and materials that are optimized to print photo mosaics. For a variety of reasons, photo mosaics are not easy to print. Very high quality standards are needed to print individual images that are recognizable. For this reason, we print all products on high gloss paper, then laminate them onto the finished product such as gatorfoam, alu-dibond, birch, or acrylic glass.

Creating a photo mosaic is easy!

All we need is your personal pictures. You start by selecting a main image. This image will be visible from a distance.For the best result, it is beneficial to select a photo without very small details. Actually, we can create a photo mosaic from any main image. If your are unsure, just give it a try. In case of bad results, we may ask you to select another image. Afterwards, we need some individual images that are used to create the main picture. We recommend that you provide at least fifty different original images. In order to minimize the number of repeated images, you should upload as many as possible. So, it is definitely a case of the more, the merrier!

The result – an authentic photo mosaic!

To create a truly authentic photo mosaic, you need to have certain skills. More and more often, we see photo mosaic imitations. These imitations are simply photo collages with the main image as a transparent layer on top, very ugly. That this is not an authentic photo mosaic like those that we create.

What we do

We position each individual image where it fits best to create a picture out of pictures. Furthermore, there are many additional factors that influence the final result. For example, the way that images are reused. To create a truly breathtaking photo mosaic, it is important that a photo does not appear next to an identical photo. So, please do not upload the same image twice or more. In addition, bad distributions of images can appear in areas where you might not expect them. We account for that. In the final step in the creation of a photo mosaic, a slight tint is applied to the individual images. Thereby, we make the desired main picture as clear as possible.