More than easy photo mosaics

At MosaPics, we want you to have a breathtakingly beautiful and easy photo mosaic. Therefore, we help you to get it effortless and simple! The only thing you need are your pictures. First, you upload these pictures to our photo mosaic creator. Then, you tell us what the main picture should be. That’s it! Finally, MosaPics creates your picture out of pictures.

To get the best photo mosaic out of your photos, our team inspects each photo mosaic manually. Thereby, we erase any problems that may arise during automatic photo mosaic creation. This is necessary, because every photo mosaic is individual. Based on both, our powerful algorithm and our many years of experience, we align the individual pictures perfectly. Altogether, we create the best composition of your individual photos. For example, MosaPics guarantees that no important areas are cut off. Furthermore, we optimize the size of the tile photos to suit the format, product, and main image.

The result: An easy photo mosaic for you. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yes, it is simple!

Overall, we always find a solution that creates a breathtakingly beautiful photo mosaic based on your photos! Ready to download and ready to print.

easy photo mosaic as wedding present
easy photo mosaic from statue of liberty

For your easy photo mosaic, we use one of the following four options

Depending on the pictures you provide, our photo mosaic maker creates the mosaic. To make it easy for you, the format of the small pictures ist set automatically. Here, you can have a look how different examples look like.

Photo mosaic with square images

It is possible to select only square images. Therefore, we have to cut each image and preserve the main motif.

squared tile pictures

Photo mosaic with portrait and landscape images

The most easy way of creating a photo mosaic, just upload the pictures.

portrait and landscape tile pictures

Photo mosaic with landscape images

Set automatically, when you upload landscape images only.

landscape only tile pictures

Photo mosaic with portrait images

What we can do with landscape images only, we are also able to achieve with portrait images.

portrait tile pictures only

You just upload your photos and we do the work.

When creating a breathtakingly beautiful photo mosaic, the hardest thing is to align the small tile pictures to minimize cropping and simultaneously get the most out of the main picture. And that is exactly what we care about. You just upload the photos! Easy, isn’t it?

Our rule of thumb to make a great photo mosaic

The more photos you upload, the better the photo mosaic looks. It really is so simple.

Our recommendations

  • Upload between 50 and 2500 photos
  • The main picture that is created by the tiled pictures should have a clear hightlight, for example a couple or a building.
  • In case of mixing portrait with landscape format, we recommend a ratio of 5:1. Hence, for 50 photos in portrait format, we require a minimum of 10 pictures in landscape format. Or the other way round. The optimum would be a 1:1 ratio.
  • In sum, just try it.