Image of images

When we think of an image of images, we think of a picture that consists of many individual pictures. That means, viewed from a distance the images merge into a main picture. We call this a photo mosaic. The cool thing is: When look at a photo mosaic from close range, you can see the small individual images. When you view it from a distance, the small images create the main picture. So, a photo mosaic really is an image of images. In sum, a photo mosaic is a special photo collage with the bonus to see an overall picture when you look at it from some distance.

And the best is: We print the photo mosaic you made on different materials and ship it ready to hang it on the wall!

image of statue of liberty created of other images

See the difference between creating a breathtaking image of images versus some fake

When you create an image of images with the online photo mosaic maker of MosaPics, we arrange the individual images to create your main image. So, the individual images become distinct when you stand right in front of the photo mosaic. And when you view the mosaic from a distance, all small images create the main image. In contrast, fake mosaic pictures are usually more like a collage of images that have been transparently laid over the main picture. As a result, the individual images are barely visible. You can barely see anything.

fake photo mosaic

This is a fake photo mosaic, because

  1. The main image shines through.
  2. Individual images are nearly impossible to see.
  3. Details cannot be identified.
real photo mosaic

This is a real photo mosaic, because

  1. All small images make the main picture collage.
  2. You can see all small images easily.
  3. You even can identify the details on the small images.

An image of images made with MosaPics

To create a truly breathtaking photo mosaic, you need to have certain skills. Sadly, we see more and more fake photo mosaics. These imitations are simply of a photo collage with the main image as a transparent layer. A fake is what you can do with Photoshop, but it is actually so uncool. Just to make it clear: A photoshop imitation is not an authentic photo mosaic like those we create!

What we do better

To create the main image, MosaPics places each individual image where it fits best. More specifically, our photo mosaic maker does so. Furthermore, many factors make the difference between a photo mosaic and a breathtakingly beautiful photo mosaic made by MosaPics. For example, we care about reusing images without placing them next to an identical image. Additionally, images may be distributed uneven. This uneven distribution depends on various factors, for example the colors of the main image. So, after our photo mosaic maker created your photo mosaic, we identify and solve such problems! As the final step during the creation of your image of images, we apply a slight tint to the individual images, because this helps to make the desired main image clearer without blurring the individual images.

In sum, try the best photo mosaics made by MosaPics!

image of seattle skyline