Your photo mosaic in a picture frame

Picture frames improve the appeal of your photo mosaic poster. But, there are as many picture frames as people. Hence, we do not frame our photo mosaics in any ordinary picture frame. Rather, we provide you with some really superior alternatives that definitely make your photo mosaic special. Convenient, hassle-free and extraordinary! If you absolutely want a picture frame, we want you to be able to pick the frame you want. Just fetch it from any local or online shop and use our high quality poster print. Instead, if you want something extraordinary, take a look at our special high quality materials.

High quality alternatives to a photo mosaic picture frame

cute photo mosaic of baby


Gatorfoam is a great alternative to a photo mosaic in a picture frame, allowing you to hang your breathtaking mosaic on the wall. It is a lightweight material used for mounting of photographic prints, often used in modern art and by museums. It is the lower-cost alternative to other products such as Acryllic Glass or Alu-Dibond.

picture frame alternative: gatorfoam


Birch is a natural product with a very cosy wooden look. With a special technique, we print your photo mosaic on this great natural material. Choose birch, if you want a brilliant looking photo mosaic printed on a renewable raw material.

picture frame alternative: birch

Alu DiBond

Alu DiBond is modern material of very high-quality. It is made of aluminium with a low weight core. So, this photo mosaic picture frame alternative has high structural rigidity and is of low weight. In comparison to a product that is made of pure aluminum, this option is more affordable and more resilient.

picture frame alternative: alu di-bond

Acrylic glass (1/8″ or 1/4″)

Your photo mosaic on acrylic glass is an utterly luxury product. This photo mosaic picture frame alternative looks exclusive, and goes well with modern homes and office areas. It’s also the perfect material for an extra special gift, such as a wedding present.

picture frame alternative: acrylic glass