Photo mosaic as wedding gift

hand over photo mosaic as wedding gift
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Always remember the wedding with a photo mosaic!

Give away your personal photo mosaic as a wedding gift. With a photo mosaic your personal single pictures are put together in such a way that a desired main picture is created. The preview is always free of charge and without obligation, it is created personally by our team. We will be happy to give you tips and advise you personally so that the result is perfect. Your mosaics will be produced on high-quality materials and sent securely packed. We always pay attention to the best print quality, so that your individual pictures are also perfectly recognizable later.

 The photo mosaic for the wedding

– The most personal wedding gift –

Fotomosaik Hochzeit im Wohnzimmer

We often get the feedback from our customers that the photo mosaic for the wedding has become very impressive and the bridal couple was very happy – this is always the best feedback for us.

Order mosaic picture for your wedding simply in 3 steps

1. upload photos

First you determine which main image in your mosaic picture should be used for the wedding. Then you should upload at least 50 different photos, e.g. wedding photos. From these pictures the main picture will be created.

2. free preview of the wedding photo mosaic

Your personal photo mosaic for the wedding will now be created by hand. We create a perfect result and can adjust your wedding mosaic during the free preview editing.

3. order mosaic picture for the wedding

After completing the free preview, which takes no more than 12 hours to complete, you can have your mosaic picture for the wedding produced on various materials, often using the photo mosaic on acrylic glass.

Your wedding mosaic picture on noble material

Especially as a mosaic picture for the wedding our customers appreciate the high print quality and noble processing very much. Through our special printing process the single pictures are perfectly represented.

Partial photo mosaic for the wedding

If the persons are shown very small in the main picture, we recommend a wedding-photo mosaic as a partial photo mosaic. In this case, either the entire bridal couple or only the faces and hair are cut out such that they do not appear in the look of the photo mosaic. These wedding mosaic pictures are even more impressive, because the cropping emphasizes the special area of the mosaic.

Partial Mosaic Image Editing and Costs

In the free preview, the non-mosaic part is initially edited only very roughly, as editing is very time-consuming. After ordering, your partial mosaic for the wedding will be perfectly finished, so that there is a smooth transition between the cropped area and the photo mosaic look. The elaborate processing to the partial mosaic costs $39 independent of the product. The preview of the partial mosaic is also free of charge and without obligation.

Fotomosaik BrautpaarTeilmosaik Brautpaar

Photo mosaic as wedding gift: full mosaic or partial mosaic

Tip: Many customers order the print file (PDF/JPG) in addition to their mosaic. This is usually used to create a presentation with a video projector before the gift is handed over. In this case, you first zoom very close into the wedding photo mosaic so that only the individual pictures are visible. Afterwards, the mosaic is enlarged so that all the individual images merge into the overall mosaic – a WOW-effect. 🙂

Afterwards the mosaic printed on one of our special materials is handed over.

Great idea – but no pictures yet?

Many customers would like to give a photo mosaic as a wedding present, but do not have any pictures yet, because the wedding is still taking place. In this case we recommend to give away a personal voucher. So later the bridal couple can search through all the wedding pictures themselves and in a relaxed way find their favorite pictures and create the perfect photo mosaic of the wedding with us.

Mosaic picture voucher order