Photo Mosaic – Products, Prices & Delivery


20 x 15”  I  $78

24 x 16”  I  $88

32 x 24”  I  $118

40 x 30”  I  $148

48 x 36”  I  $181


20 x 15”  I  $226

24 x 16”  I  $268

32 x 24”  I  $448

40 x 30”  I  $632

48 x 36”  I  $925

Acrylic (1/8 or 1/4”)

20 x 15”  I  $312  $346

24 x 16”  I  $364  $404

32 x 24”  I  $600  $656

40 x 30”  I  $870  $940

48 x 36” I $1,321 I $1,405

Are there other sizes, too?

We’re happy to make you an offer for other sizes. Just send us an e-mail detailing the size and product you want. We’ll then let you know our price, and how to proceed from there.

What about smaller sizes?

As the individual pictures have to be easy to make out afterwards, the format requires a specific minimum size. So, unfortunately we can’t offer any smaller sizes.

Your photo mosaic from Seattle to you!

Delivery times and prices

Production time:


Production time is usually 5-6 business days, except for posters which only take 2-3 business days. If you need it in a hurry, you can select faster production as an option when placing your order. Starting at a price of $40, and your photo mosaic will be shipped within 2 business days.


Standard shipping:


Standard shipping costs 5% of the product price, though with a $10 minimum. You can find the delivery times in the chart. Please note that delivery times can vary depending on weather conditions.


Express shipping:


We offer you 3 options for express shipping (3-day, 2-day, or standard overnight). The prices for this vary greatly, and are based on your address and the size of the product. So the price won’t be calculated until you place your order.

Insured shipping for your photo mosaic

Your photo mosaic is insured!

All products are delivered with insured shipping. We also place a lot of importance on good packaging. But very rarely, damage can still occur during transportation. If this should happen, we will of course remake your photo mosaic right away. In this instance, we just need pictures of the damage and the packaging. You do not need to send back the damaged photo mosaic. Please send us an e-mail if this happens.