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Because pictures and photos are synonyms, we call a picture mosaic a photo mosaic. So, don’t be confused by the different terms. We treat a picture mosaic like a photo mosaic and the other way round. In sum, our mosaic maker does not make a difference. You just upload your pictures and we assure an awesome and high quality photo mosaic: Computer assisted creation with professional manufacturing. That is what we do!

photo mosaik maker example: the statue of liberty

How to make a photo mosaic?

Use our photo mosaic maker to create your own photo mosaic – an image of images.We help you to achieve the best result by combining our superior algorithm with our expertise. Furthermore, we specialized in printing your photo mosaic on various high quality and durable materials. Once you made your own photo mosaic and got it printed by us, you have a very emotional and unforgettable gift that comes from the heart. When you use our service, we guarantee an easy creation with the best outcome possible. We don’t charge any price during the mosaic generation. In addition, we assist you after you uploaded the photos in our online photo mosaic maker. So, select your material and give it a try!

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What is a real photo mosaic?

A photo mosaic is a special collage made of smaller pictures. You can also describe it as picture made of pictures. When you make a real photo mosaic and view it from a distance, you can see that the small pictures make one big picture. To achieve this, MosaPics build an online mosaic photo maker. So, you can use our mosaic photo maker to make one big photo mosaic out of your own pictures. And the best is: We print the photo mosaic you made on different materials and ship it ready to hang it on the wall!

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